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Do You Need To Boost Your Digestive System Using A Tested and Proven Her-bal Solutions? 

"Half A Teaspoon Of This Combat Tea Can Battle Your Stomach Ul-cer, Reduce Excessive Stomach Acidity Levels And Remove All Wounds From Your Digestive System Which Will Make You Much Healthier & Eat What You Love"

Dear Friend, 
My Name Is Gbenga Tayo, Most Of My Customers Call Me Coach TY!
For The Past Three Years (2017) I Have Helped Lots Of Nigerians Especially Lagosians To Battle Their Stomach Ulcer, Reduce Excessive Stomach Acidity Levels And Remove All Wounds From Their Digestive System Using This Simple Combat Tea! 
Right Now, I am About To Show You How To Use A Simple And Yet Powerful Potent Drink Called Combat Tea From The Comfort Of Your Home To Stop The Silent Cries Of Ul-cér! 
This Is What Every Nigerians Ought To Be Taking Now To Fight The Whole Crisis We Have Found Ourselves. 

Introducing The Combat Tea... 

Stomach Acidity And Ul-cer Remover

{Combat Herbal Tea}

Specially Formulated To Reduce Intestinal Acidity And Flush Out Stomach Ulcer_ Soothe Gastrointestinal Ulcer, Reduce Stomach Acidity, Nourish The Digestive System And Help In Preventing Stomach Wounds Using Combat Herbal Processing Technology Extracted From A 407 Years Asian Plants.

Over 265 Happy Customers

Made from 407 years plant in Asia, Natural, Organic.

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Why Should You Get This Combat Her-bal Tea Today...?

Here Are Some Benefits Of This Combat Tea That Has Been Used By Over 300 Nigerians In The Past Few Months:
  • Strenghtens and activate the epithelia tissues, to guard the body from invading system that causes stomach harm!
  • It gradually begins the healing proccess of the wounded part of internal and external body system as a result of Ul-cer!
  • It restores the activities of blood pumping mechanism to function properly!
  • It dramatically increases the intensity of heamostatic process in the body system!
  • It brings healing process so as to enable you eat whatever you want, any time any day.
  • It also keep you from hunger in case you are fasting from anything. What it means is that you can’t rush early morning food. You do this if you want, not because of ul-cer any more!
  • It regenerates skin and cellular tissue of stomach, intestine etc, back to normal structure and function!
  • It is a perfect cure for UL-CER. It treats Ul-cer permanently without leaving any scar.(e.g Peptic Ul-cer/Gastroduodenal ul-cer/Gastritis/Esophagitis/ Gastro-Esophageal/Reflex Diseases(GERD) etc

More Benefits...

  • Fights Bacterias Causing Ulcer
  • Heals Up Internal Tummy Wounds On Time
  • Cleans The Body From Inside out
  • Cools Internal Heats
  • Improves Digestions
  • Safe And Effective With No Side Effects
  • Rich In Antioxidant
  • Perfect Solution For Men & Women, Young And Old… who want to get rid of Ul-cer Once & For All, EASILY!

How To Use The Combat Tea

  • Shake the 250ML Bottle Well
  • Take 4 Teaspoons Twice Daily After Meals 
  • Do Not Take On Empty Stomach 
It Is So Simple, If You Can Do This For 28 Days Consistently, You Will Join Over 300 Happy Customers And Have Shared Their Amazing Testimonies With Us.

Read What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

Like I Said Before, We have Over 300+ Testimonies From This Combat Ul-cer Tea… I Am Going To Show You Just A Few Below Because Of Lack Of Space.

Ul-cer almost build fortress in my tummy. There were times I almost thought it was going to kill me. I tried many different products that didn’t work until I use Combat tea. I just thank the seller, this is my 2nd bottle… 


I can’t say more, this has been a life saver over the last 3 months. Ul-cer battled with me and almost made me give up as a sportman. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I didn’t get this product I got then.


Most time, I will stay gently in my room and crumble. I would pull off my bed sheet and groan like I stepped on broken bottles. Until I used Combat Tea. Now I enjoy most of my nights. I just feel happy knowing that I don’t have to take anta-cids again.

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Read What Our Happy Customers Are Saying


Mine comes most time after a stressful day when I hadn’t taken enough water or meal for that day. All my attempt to curb this ill-ness with drugs proved abortive until I finally came across Combat Tea. I just thank God that it worked for me!  


My daughter experienced this serous ill-ness at age 12. Sometimes, they’ll have to rush her to the school clinic and the story will still be the same_ ul-cer. We’ve spent money on injections and drugs but don’t seem too effective for her until my friend recommended me to Delight Panacea. Yes ooo, this tea helped my daughter ooo!


Many times, I personally think that anyone selling online is going to scam me again because I’ve bought some online products that didn’t work. Until I tried out this Tea. I’m just glad the seller fulfilled their promise

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Delivery Time: 1-3 Working Days 

Our Customer Care Will Call You Within 24hrs After You Place Your Order.

Read What Our Happy Customers Are Saying


I used to be honourable but sick. The last experience I had and would never pray for in my life again was the day two of my students were defending their projects in my front.

I wasn’t alone with them as others too had joined the ongoing discussion. I felt my bees stung me from within and instantly I knew I’m in it again. I could not talk. I had eaten. I don’t even have clue to why. One of the students asked and I smiled until I couldn’t control it again.

Before I knew the next thing, I had hit my head on my table. I asked them all to leave as it’ll be inappropriate for them to watch me in that condition. To shorten my bitter story, it was still one of my students that refered me to this site.

I can’t say less, I just thank the seller of this product who made it available for someone like me.


As I type this, I try so hard to hold back tears. Only God knows what I have gone through in the hands of ul-cer since I gave birth to my last child. May my God bless you abundantly for allowing him use you. Chukwu gozie gi nnukwu. Amen 


First, I must apologize for doubting for a whole 5 weeks. But would you blame me? I never thought a product as simple as this would be the answer to my years of agony in the hands of ul-cer, after many failed products. Thank goodness for this tea.

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