Mastery doesn’t happen in one month. Competence doesn’t come from wishing, you must continuously learn, apply and grow in your skill.

Those who are skill incompetent are always financially impotent. But those who are skill competent are always financially omnipotent,

So at the back of all we will discussing on this post, you’ll gain more knowledge and insight.

That’s why I decided to open Your minds and talked about this first….

There are many businesses you can do online to make money.

I mean LEGIT money.

But for the sake of this post, I will limit our discussion to just proven 7

But for the sake of this post , I will limit our discussion to just proven 7


Before I Started talking about online business you need to do online with your smartphone..

I have to tell you the truth that your believe system need to be very active before you can do anything and be successful in life

If you don’t believe it, you can achieve it..

Be ready to take MASSIVE ACTION towards your success.

N:B …All am about to share with you are base on my experience and skill.

I don’t teach or talk about what I don’t do… I can only talk about it if I have a genuine reason to do so….


Grab a high income skill..
High Income skill could be a digital marketing, programming, web development, Copywriting, coding Forex Trading..etc….

If you look at the listed skills , you’ll see there are few people in that niche.

Whatever that is difficult for people to do, make yourself available to learn it and do it for them..

Don’t go and learn how to make MOIMOI and be thinking you have skill..

Though, it’s also a skill for house wife anyway..

Learn good skill. Digital skills has taken over and it has come to stay.

We have to position ourselves, especially we the Youth..

Enough of sleep….

There many place you can lean all this skills for free..

Udemy, Coursera, hubspot etc offers free courses if you don’t have much.

And if you could devout 3 good months on any, you’ll be be surprise the kind of results you’ll get..

2. Affiliate marketing

This is the most easiest way to make money online…

It usually refer to a lazy man work…

Soft work…Soft skill..
It requested you to sell other people’s product online .

Just find people that has what you have to sell and get them sold at profit.

For instance, you can decided to sell my class to a friend and get 30% when you refer someone to me…the more you refer the higher your percentage…

You see now, you don’t have to stress..

Another is ,I have an affiliate link with piggyvest.

Piggyvest is an online saving and investment platform back up by CNB.

Your money and investment is 💯 save…
When you register through this link…


They will pay you 1000 bonus but if you go direct you won’t have access to that money.

You can see now that I have started doing affiliate marketing..

You can also do it and make money..

You can join expertnaire, clickbank, even udemy courses have affiliate,
Go to online and make an enquiry or buy an affiliate program to Learn more.

3. Freelancing

Apply your high income skill into freelancing sites like Fiverr and UPWORK

For most of you following my status, you’ll know I do talk about UPWORK.

When you have a skill that is well horned , you can apply and register on upwork or fiver and make your money in Dolapo.😁

I mean in dollar..

Hope you can relate?
If you do a logo for instance for a Nigerian clients, he or she will pay you 1 or 2k
But , online freelance site. Same logo can go for 5-10 dollars


4. Digital Trainings / INFORMATION MARKETING

This is your ability to turn your experience, success, into online tranning.

Just like am doing right now.

You started teaching on WhatsApp

You can’t say you don’t have any experience in any on these…

Gather, your experience together in a pdf and teach

No stress…

Digital product is different from physical product
Once you create it you can sell it for life.

It can travel very far at short distance
I mean at short time.

5. Social media management

Majority of us are very good when it comes to social network but we never find an opportunity it..

We spend most of our time on social media when you’re not a marketer

You can manage the twitter, facebook and instagram accounts for companies.

Small businesses need this service
Our parent in businesses don’t understand this SOSHA MEDIA😃 thing well
You that is young, goan collect their money and help them get result.

Canva is a tool that will help you to design and Post daily….

If you don’t understand what is canva ….

I have a tutorial on it..

Here is my YouTube video…..


watch it and get yourself familiar with the tools..

It will really help your skill even at your present job.

6. Mini importation AND DROPSHIPPING( BOSS)

This one is like hot cake whenever I teach it..

I have done it for years…
I started with stretch mark cream and soap.

Then, I moved to Sneakers, wrist watches, kitchen Appliances etc..

I won’t advise you to teach this, if you haven’t done it before..

I hate deceit. That’s what majority are doing..
Do it..

Get results

Teach it…Get results first…

Infact , without getting results don’t mislead people.

If you know MINI IMPORTATION very well.. It’s sufficient to pay your bills Imagine you Importing a good worth 2,100 and sell it for 7-10k..

I know some of you didn’t believe this…But it’s very true.

You can decided to have a store on Jumia or jiji even Instagram and facebook are good channel to sell your products.

I can’t say much about that here…


This is another way of making money on E-commerce niche..

Just like selling other people’s product without you touching it…

You place an ads, when customer requested for it.

The contact you, while you contact the seller to send to them and pay him after you gotten your cut.

7. Graphics Design and Animations


This is very popular this days and it sells very well.

Jus like I said earlier, if you master canva and some other tools you can be an expert on this and make money at the comfort of your home..

Only Smartphone Graphics design can earn you massively.

I don’t joke!

The service of graphics designer can never be eroded in this visual content age.

I organized more than 30 classes on this last year and the results was massive

So, with all the information you’ve gotten I believe you won’t be among the people saying they’re broke again…..

Pick one out of those skill and spend your next 3 months on it.. You’ll be surprise of the result..



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