Deploy Your Skill Like A Professional, Build Authority And Credibility And Attract Quality Customers Who Not Only Pay You But Thank You After Paying You, all using WHATSAPP?




This idea came after I realized the wonders Whatsapp has done in my life and how it can also help YOU.



I studied Business Mgt for plenty of years because I was an average student.



I don’t even graduate with the best result.



Spent close to a million naira if not more in the course of my plenty years in school fees, feeding, accommodation, materials, transport.



After that, nothing to show for it.


The only money I’ve made from my certificate is the one NYSC paid me for during the year of service.



Even that one was not up to 20,000 monthly 



I was broke even more than a church rat.



Even my broke friends called me a broker😭😭😭


I don’t know maybe because I was broke that’s why I usually angry.



Thank God for smartphones..


2019 I discovered the opportunities on the internet and put my head into it.



From September 2019, till now it has always been. Thank you Jesus for what you have done.



The number 1 skill that has created more “online millionaires” than any other is the ability to convert your phone to business.



The reason is, the whole world is practically compressed on smartphones and 85% of active users of phones are on an APP you don’t know how to use called WHATSAPP.



You are losing money UNCONSCIOUSLY and you think you are smart.


You can play monkey post and be better than Messi but you will NEVER win the world best there.



Same way, until you CONSCIOUSLY and ACTIVELY learn WHATSAPP MONETIZATION SKILL, you will be selling like an amateur or you won’t know whatever to sell.



There are systems.

There are formulas.

There are strategies



Just this past weekend, I did close another N200k in sales from a class.



I used a working System.


So in the WHATSAPP MONETIZATION course, you will learn the exact system I use in making money online monthly



If you’re still doubting, here’s what you’ll discover and learn from the course.



📌You will get materials worth N370,000


📌The 5 undisclosed strategies I use in making money on Whatsapp


📌How you are losing money on your   Whatsapp status without realizing it.



 📌How to convert what you know but you think you don’t know  to digital training and still make people buy on Whatsapp



📌How to use WhatsApp to sell more of your physical products and create a magnetic offer around your product



📌Word of mouth is a very strong form of marketing. You will learn the formula for getting people to promote your business for you free of charge… and they’ll be so glad to do it.



📌How to turn your Whatsapp training into self-published books



📌How to raise emergency cash on Whatsapp using the Whatsapp cash-on-demand method


📌If you are stuck, not knowing exactly what business to start, you are covered. You will discover 20 different businesses you can execute using WhatsApp.



📌How to profit from free training using the Suya man strategy



📌How to type without actually typing and write 500 words within a minutes


 📌How to attract your audience, grow your list and increase your status views without spamming Facebook and Whatsapp groups from 20 viewers to any number



📌The secret strategy I use to 10X my sales using Pareto Analysis 80/20rule



📌The secret hack, tools, and technique I have used to make money consistently on Whatsapp



📌You’ll discover where money is hiding and what you need to do to get it.



📌How to move people from Facebook and connect them directly bro your WhatsApp



…  Don’t let me expose all until we get there..



It will be so corrosive you will call your VC, / Rector and ask for your money back for the time you spent in the University or Polytechnic  😅


This course as you know is pegged at N20,000


If I charge N50,000 it will still be a steal for you. 


Will you exchange N50,000 for #250,000 monthly??.. Who wouldn’t??



Because I already made a promise that if I get 100 interested persons I will crash the fee, I have further crashed the fee is just N2,000.



Is there a guarantee?



I’ve been doing this for 3 years now. I’ve coached over 2,500 people both in Nigeria and Ghana.



I don’t tell you this to brag. I say this because, frankly, my reputation and testimonies speak 


If I don’t deliver the results I promised, my reputation would go down the trash.



I want to be known and respected as the Professor of VALUE.



So, if you follow the instructions and principles I teach and you don’t make 10X your money back, meet me for a refund after the class.



I will give you back all your money and add a written apology. I will so drop the name OLUWASEUN OWOEYE



I will stop doing or organizing online training.


*Please note: Only those who make a payment today will get access to my BONUS library worth N800k+*



Here’s the BONUS.


📌Digital Product Creation (N5,000)


📌Killer Facebook Ads Domination (N10,000)

📌How to Sell like Crazy (N5,600)


📌How to Sell Without Selling (N10,000)


📌How to link WhatsApp to a sales page  (N5,000)


📌List of 30 Hot selling products (N4,000)


📌Kinemaster premium video Editor app (N5,000)


📌You’ll become a champion in creating digital visual contents


📌You’ll get a certificate and a sabificate.


….and many undisclosed packages


Only fast action takers will collect my library.


I don’t want people who will be thinking if I should pay or not. 🙄



You are either IN or OUT.

It’s either HELL YES  or HELL NO

If you are in the middle, you are in HELL 😅😅



So, in the name of Jesus the author and giver of this great idea, I declare payments open!!



Owoeye Oluwaseun

GTB: 0526698542

Pay #2,000



The class starts on Monday !!! Rush in now.


If you pay me, Have you ever woken up early in the morning feeling frustrated by the fact that your efforts to make real money online keeps bringing you nothing but losses and somewhere you are thinking your village people may have gotten the better of you not helping me to become a better me. You helping yourself to become better.





You can decide to keep subscribing and enriching network providers or convert the opportunity to another way of generating income…



You have a choice. Choice makes a man.


Pay now and play later .


Let me show you how to turn your phone to ASSET rather than LIABILITY

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